5 Tribal Tattoo Design You Must Try

Tattoos are becoming more popular, and many young people are getting inked after being inspired by a celebrity or a sports figure. Now a days, a lot of new artists are coming out with their own different and unique designs. So, before selecting a design, many people get confused about what design to choose as they have so many options like geometric tattoos, minimalist tattoos, flower tattoos, abstract tattoos, etc. You can choose any design you want to get inked on your body.

However, if you want a design that has historical significance, you can consider tribal tattoo designs.
Tattooing, as we know, has been practiced for over 5000 years. People used to get tattoos to distinguish their tribe from other neighboring tribes back then. Many tribal tattoos represent courage, boldness, and unity.
A lot of people have tribal tattoos inked on their skin, and they look fantastic. The popularity of this tattoo is constantly increasing; more and more people are opting for tribal tattoo designs.

5 Tribal Tattoo Designs That You Need to Try

African Tribal Tattoo Design

Africa is also known as the home of storytelling, and there are many stories surrounding tribal tattoos. Those who get these tribal tattoos represent strength, bravery, and courage. There are a lot of stories connected to their tribal tattoos, but history suggests that they got these tattoos entirely for aesthetic purposes. Whatever the reasons for getting this type of tattoo centuries ago, it has now become a popular tattoo design that most people want to get because this style focuses on heavier shading and makes it more of a statement.

Filipino Tribal Tattoo Design

Tattooing has been an important part of the Filipino community for over 500 years. These tattoo designs were more than just aesthetically pleasing; historically, they were known to protect against enemies. The design of this tribal tattoo was simple and basic, but it was drawn with a free hand around the area, because of which this design became more approachable and unique than other tribal tattoo designs. The tattoo design contained symbols of courage, strength, boldness, and bravery.

Indian Tribal Tattoo Design

The art of tattooing has been going on since ancient times, and till now nobody knows how old this art is. From creating their own designs to following trending designs, young Indians are using tattoo culture to express their creativity. The Indian tribal tattoo was used to signify someone’s caste, gender, ethnicity, and trust. Some tribes in India used to get tattoos and are still able to keep their culture alive. The tribes are: 1. The A.O. Nagas tribe; 2. The Santhals; 3. The Toda tribe; 4. the Rabaris. These are some of the tribes that have tattoos dating back to ancient times. This tattoo’s design includes simple straight lines to Indian gods that represent Power, Divinity, and Strength. The Indian tribal tattoo designs actually allow you to be creative, which is good for larger pieces.

Armband Tribal Tattoo Design

If you want a minimalistic or small design in your tribal tattoos, this is the tattoo design for you. This tattoo will help you show off your pride and your ancestry in a simple but effective way. The meaning of an armband tattoo differs from culture to culture, but it is generally associated with strength and power. The arm is the best place to get a tattoo because you can easily show it off.

Native American Tattoo Design

In Native American tattoo design, we often see a lot of animals. Wolves and totem poles are two fantastic symbols of virtue that appear frequently in this style. There is also a dream catcher theme, which looks great in any tattoo. Both of these designs symbolize warding off spirits and protection.

Final Words

So, these are 5 tribal tattoo designs that I personally think you can try. There are a lot of design options apart from these 5, and you can also see them, but the above-mentioned 5 are something different and unique.

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