7 Bucket List Travel Places You Would Love to Visit In 2023

Have you prepared a travel bucket list for 2023? If not, we have put together one for you. These places give travelers adventure-filled experiences. It is time to explore destinations that you haven’t explored yet. All these places will help you to reconnect and celebrate nature. The memories of these places will nourish your soul in low times.


7 Bucket List Travel Places to Visit In 2023

1. Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

The Door to Hell, also known as the Darvaza Carter is located near Darvaza in Turkmenistan. The carter was created around 40 years ago due to a drilling process. Since then, it has been burning naturally. Many people think it is a volcano due to natural phenomena, but this Firehole is man-made. This burning hole in the middle of the Karakum Desert is one of the most surreal features of the world. Turkmenistan has one of the world’s largest gas reservoirs. Because of this, the door of hell is still opening and burning for all these years. Many attempts have been made over the years to extinguish the fire inside the carter, but all have failed. The voyage to this place is an exciting and memorable one. The fiery sinkhole is burning with all its glory day and night all year round. Locals and tourists visit the desert to witness the glorifying flames coming out of a hole in the desert. Watching the vibrant orange flames from standing on the edge of the carter is a nerve-wracking experience. At night, the sinkhole looks magnificent, the glowing reddish-orange flames coming out of the land in the dark surroundings give a sinister view yet is a treat for the eye. To experience one of the world’s sights, book the cheapest flight to Turkmenistan now.

2. The White Temple, Thailand

Also known as Wat Rong Khun, is one of the dreamy places in the world. The White Temple is located in the northeastern side of Thailand since 1997. Seeing the pearl-white temple in the pictures looks so unreal, but watching in front of eyes feels like a palace from Disney world. The magnificent temple looks like it has been placed through the miracle of God but this unbelievable building is man’s miracle. The temple is made of white plaster, to give the iconic white color that symbolizes the purity of Buddha. The design of the temple exhibits Buddhist art. The intricate design of the White Temple displays traditional Buddhist belief with a hint of modernism. The unbelievably majestic temple has three main features; the Bridge of Cycle of Rebirth, the Gate of Heaven, the Ubosot, and the Golden Building. The Bridge of Cycle of Rebirth is a small bridge with hundreds of hands coming out from the front of the bridge. The elements of the bridge reflect happiness by forging your way out of greed and unrestrained desires. Upon crossing the bridge, you witness statues of two creatures protecting the temple. The next feature of the temple is the main part of the temple the Ubosot. It is white in color, has a three-tiered roof, and is embellished with reflective glass creating an enchanting lightening effect. The Ubosot symbolizes purity and the power of the mind. The last feature is the Golden Building. It is golden in color and it focuses on wealth. The temple speaks a scene from a fairytale and the reality of life. To witness the glory of the White Temple, book the cheapest flight to Thailand now. 

3. The Diamond Beach, Iceland

The next destination on your bucket list must be Diamond Beach. Diamond Beach is an exquisite beach located in southeastern Iceland right next to the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón. All the ice on the beach comes from the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. The ice present on the beach is present in different shapes and sizes, some have formed icebergs across the beach. The ice has scattered on the black sand giving the illusion of sparkling diamonds. The rare black sand on the beach is due to volcanic eruptions. The miracle of Diamond beach is the ice remains sparkling on the shore without melting all year. In summer, sun rays reflect through the ice creating a distinct glow. In winter, the beach gives a dramatic yet artistic view of jewels spread along the shore. The soothing breeze combing through the hair, the cold water splashing against the black shore, and the aroma of the black sand are the most soothing feelings one will ever experience. To feel the tranquility of Diamond Beach, book the cheapest flight to Iceland now. 

4. Marrakesh, Morroco

Dive into the artisan heritage of Morroco. With a bright blue sky and magnificent architecture, Marrakesh is rich with tradition and culture with a hint of modernity. Creating a balance between traditions and modernism, Marrakesh has made its place on our 2023 travel bucket list. Marrakesh is known as the city of luxury as it is home to 5-star hotels, restaurants, spas, hammams, and whatnot. By visiting Marrakesh, you will admire the culture from thousands of years which still reflects in the bright peach-red buildings, the charm of this place is never-ending and unmatchable. The red city is a great place for traveling artists. Every corner of the city is a picturesque spot. The bright colors of buildings, the intricate designs of magnificent architecture, the glazing sunlight, the smell of the streets, the riding horse carriages, and the day and the night in the city recharge its visitors. The souks of the city are the most intriguing places to visit. The hustle and bustle of this place are what often attract tourists. The artwork and the food in the souks are the most interesting part of the souk tour. If you are looking for souvenirs from your Marrakesh trip souks are the places where you will find them. To visit the fascinating red city of Morroco, book your cheapest flight now.

5. Lapland, Finland

Feel the magic of Lapland during Christmas. Lapland is not an ordinary destination located in the northern region of Finland. It is an incredible attraction displaying incredible natural phenomena all year round. In summer the sun never sets and in winter the sky gets illuminated by dancing Aroura Bollis. Lapland is your next Christmas holiday season gateway. This magical region of Finland remains blanketed with thick snow and filled with fun snowy activities. If you want to meet a real Santa Clause and his elves you must visit the Santa Clause Village to experience all the tales coming true. Lapland is the home to reindeer and huskies. In Lapland, you can live a fairytale by sleighing around the gorgeous huskies and amazing caribous. You can live a few enchanted days of your life in your snow castle like Anna from Frozen. This mystical place has made its place on the 2023 bucket list without a doubt. Book the cheapest flight tickets to this festive and magical place now for breathtaking snowy experiences. 

6. Broken Beach, Bali

The next dreamy destination that checked a box in our travel bucket list for 2023 is Broken Beach in Bali. Last year, Bali got the attention of travelers. And believe it or not, this place is a heaven on earth. The lush green trees, the stone temples, the bright blue island, and the playful and disobedient monkeys have attracted most travelers. Bali is home to Nusa Penida island and the incredible Broken Beach is located on Nusa Penida island. The unique and incredible beach is the creation of a natural disaster. Its true nature has its own rules and every feature of nature is extremely beautiful and breathtaking. Broken Beach is named because the cliff collapsed. The cliff is circular in shape with a hole creating a tunnel for the water to in and out. The arial view of the beach is breathtaking. The fresh blue water of the sea and the lush green tree in the surrounding is very refreshing to watch. Broken Beach is a picture-perfect instagrammable spot. You can reach this spot by cruise. The interesting part about the island is that it has no beach you can hike your way up to the cliff to enjoy the admirable beauty of nature. To take plenty of pictures and witness the blending of water and sky book the cheapest flight tickets to this picturesque destination. 

7. Zurich, Switzerland

The perfect place to spend your summer or winter vacation. Zurich is the largest city and capital of Switzerland with picturesque landscapes, scenic alps, and dramatic sky-high architecture. The avant-garde of creativity and innovation Zurich is renowned as a global leader in robotics, drone technology, and computer vision. The city is full of attractive places and activities to spend the holidays. The summers are refreshing and pleasant, while the winters are snowy. The city is so beautiful that it looks like a picture from a non-fiction book. The lake, the architecture, the alps, the nightlife, the shopping, the food, and the art are all worth it. To experience real character and beauty, visit Zurich now. Book the cheapest flight tickets to experience the numberless adventures.