8 BJJ Lessons to Apply In Real Life for More Fulfillment

To excel in life you need to extract life lessons from simple changes that happen in your life. This should not just be limited to pivotal points in your life, accidents, or mishaps but also progressive things that you do every day. Since learning is a constant process and the more you upgrade your learning on a daily basis, the more you will be changing things and becoming better. However, life lessons do not always come from big experiences, in fact, you will be able to learn more life lessons from simple activities that you carry out on a daily basis. This cannot just be limited to big events happening on a daily basis but also the activities you incorporate in your life, simple steps towards a healthy lifestyle, and your life choices as well.

Why is BJJ A life-transforming Game?

When you step into martial arts, especially BJJ you will notice that your lifestyle will change. This is not just limited to healthy activities, eating better, sleeping more, and feeling more active but also seeing an impact on your social life and emotional health. From simple steps that can lead you to make better decisions to see a boost in your metabolism and immunity, BJJ is not just a game that will equip you with the skill to stay safe and keep people safe around you but also offer you training that will be used in transforming your lifestyle as well. Moreover, as you make progress you will realize that simple steps that you carry on in life have become much better and effortless after you have stepped into Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This is mainly because for a very long time martial arts have been used in one way or the other for training your mind and keeping disciplined.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at some of the ways Brazilian jiu-jitsu will impact your lifestyle. We will then look at the benefits of starting BJJ and what are a few of the life lessons that will change your perspective on life and the things around you after practicing BJJ.

8 BJJ Lessons to Apply In Real Life for More Fulfillment

Plan before Act

Within BJJ your strategy planning plays a very important role. This is the reason even BJJ experts lose when you take them by surprise. When you apply this in real life you will realize that with planning you will be able to master even the most difficult tasks. On the contrary, if you are taken by surprise you might have a very limited scope of success. So, you have to keep some saving tricks up your sleeves and a plan B at all times.  

Timing Matters

Once you step on the mat you will realize that your skill will only play a very small role, everything else realizes the timing. You can have a very strong punching power but unless you don’t punch at the right time and place, your strength will go to waste.

Consistency of Progress Is Important

During training, people compete over the time it took them to learn a skill. However, experts say that the more time you take to perfect a skill, the more effective it will be in the long term. This is not just limited to the BJJ training but also in real life where you might feel you are not making progress but with consistency, you will get better.

The Impact Is More Important Than the Size

BJJ is a martial arts style that favors the small frame. So you will see women and kids winning fights easily. This means that unless you are able to make a big impact, your size becomes secondary. This is the same in real-life situations where small events change your perspective about life while big events do not make an impact sometimes.  

You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

There is no age limit in BJJ, so you will find kids from age 4 to senior citizens of age 50 learning BJJ. This means that it is never too late to learn new skills even if you feel like giving up, age should never be a factor.

Reading Emotions Is Important

Your control over emotions will be a very important part of your life and you will notice that the more hold you have over your emotions the better it will get for you to stay in control of the situation as well. This can be applied in real-life situations as well so you can remove the unpredictability factor from your life.

Patience Can Change Everything

In real life, we go through so many situations where patience is required. This is a very basic need however, most of us get angry and frustrated easily. BJJ teaches patience as it is a very good stress buster allowing you to let out all the frustration.

Time Management

Time management has always been very important and if you want to make progress you need to take full advantage of the time and BJJ improves your time management skills.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you execute your martial arts training. Although solos drills work and can actually help you make progress you will be able to benefit more if you enroll in a formal class where you can get to interact with people and constantly feel motivated by them. Moreover, this will also offer you the ability to measure your progress throughout the time so you can make sure with every day you are able to make progress in your skill and training. Another important thing to keep in mind is that unless you are not interested in the game and skillset your progress will be slow. The only way you can stay consistent is if you take this as a challenge and get to interact with other students on the mat. The progress can be slow at times but with consistency, you will be able to get desired results that will make you stand out and use the same skill set in real-life situations as well.