The List of 9 Himachal Pradesh Trekking Tours

Travel to Himachal is a perfect way for explorers, hikers, photographers, and backpacks to relax all summer long. Because of its panoramic view of the Himalayas, Hike Trekking is one of the best in India.

9 Popular Trekking Spots of  Himachal Pradesh


So, if you are planning to travel to Himachal Pradesh for trekking then you are at the is right place, in this article you will get detail about some popular trekking spots of Himachal Pradesh. So, Let’s start exploring these trekking destinations.

Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake, setting up the camp vehicle and traveling heaven, is otherwise called perhaps the most lovely lake in the Himalayas, at around 4,300 m. The flawless lake lies on the level of Samudra Tapu disregarding the stream Chandra. From its bow shape comes the name “Chandra Taal” (The Lake of the Moon). This lake is additionally one of India’s two high-elevation wetlands assigned as Ramsar destinations. At the point when the Tibetan merchants travel to Spiti and the Kullu Valley previously hesitantly lived, it pulled in great many experience devotees from around the world.

Pine Valley Park Trek

Set in Lahaul and Spiti region, in the midst of the virus desert territory, the Pin Valley National Park is a nature sweetheart’s heaven and an explorers’ asylum for Trek Pin Valley. In 1987, Pin Valley Park was set up as a Wildlife Park at a height going from 11,500 meters to 20,000 meters. The Pin Valley Park Trek is described by the plenitude of wild creatures as well as by the regular magnificence of the site. For a large part of the year, it snows, making the climb an energizing and stunning campaign. Ensure you have the necessary licenses, however. Also, unfamiliar countries in the recreation center are not approved.

Jalori Pass

The Jalori Mountain Pass between the regions of Kullu and Shimla lies settled among the pinnacles of the northern Himalayas. Maybe you will be better ready to perceive this as the snow-shrouded highest point in the film “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” by the Bollywood entertainers Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. The pass opens in March and closes down because of snowfall in December.

Kinnaur Kailash

Kinnaur is a place that is known for dream and fantasies and a place where there is rich green valleys, plantations, wine-creating woodlands, snow-covered pinnacles, and cold piles of the desert and is seen as an enchanted land. It’s a Himachal Pradesh line city. The verdure is additionally bountiful in Kinnaur. It fluctuates from different pieces of the State in culture and language. Kinnaur, the Himachal Pradesh Tribal District, is arranged on the Hindustan Tibet Highway, 250 km from Himachal Pradesh’s capital, Shimla. The territory’s view goes from lush green nurseries in the delightful Sangla Valley to the magnificence of the Hanging Valley.

Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek is a vacationer location reasonable for amateurs, with changing landscape and wealth in characteristic magnificence. Set in the dazzling landscape, the way crosses tremendous woodlands, rich green grasslands, provincial towns, and snow-covered mountains.

Sar Pass Trek is brimming with fervor and experience and offers a wide assortment of encounters for walkers in the ideal terrains of the Parvati Valley. The journey starts from Kasol, global traveling heaven. The city is exquisite and offers everything from spending lodgings and very good quality cafés to a great deal of scrumptious food. In the event that you need something energizing and simple.

Khajjiar Journey

A 14 km climb through Deodar and Pine Trees, crossed by streams, denotes the Khajjiar Trip. The journey might be a little troublesome while the landscapes and perspectives are astonishing.

It is smarter to utilize your lodging or visit supplier in an arranged framework in an organization. Take a guide or a specialist with you. The Kalatop Shrine is likewise reasonable for journeying, other than this.

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

Pin Bhabha Pass is quite possibly the most troublesome and excellent journey in the Himalayas, otherwise called Pin Parvati Pass Sister. The Bhabha Pass is a scaffold between the Kinnaur and Spiti Valleys at a rise of 4865 m. From Kafnu, the less investigated region, the trip will keep you occupied with sensational changes in each turn of the scene. You will begin your excursion in the wealth of greenery and end in Spiti’s stony terrains.

Bhrigu Lake

Lake Bhrigu is a high-elevation lake in the Kullu region, around 40 km from Manali. The lake course crosses covered up wetlands that are otherwise called the Meadows of Bhrigu Lake. Relatively few guests know the stunning wild similar to the high height snow-capped knolls of Switzerland. At the point when you stroll through the tremendous lush space in the frigid Himalayan pinnacles, you would presumably feel like you are into another measurement. Bhrigu Lake is the spot for individuals who are as yet discovering areas to get away from metropolitan life, transport, and contamination.

Bara Bhangal Kalihani Trek

From the rich green Kullu valley, you can stroll along Bara Bangal Trek, famous as the “Shepherds Trail.”

An adventurer crosses the Kalihani pass prior to arriving at Bara Bhangal and moves toward the northwest. From here go to the Thamsar Pass toward the south and to Billing in the valley of Kangra to complete the climb. At long last, if the trip didn’t give them a significant level, you can paraglide to Bir.

Chandratal Baralacha Trek

Chandratal Baralacha has the desired components for an ideal trip – the excellence of nature and adequate difficulties to be energizing and calm. Chandratal is one of the great height lakes in The Himalayas and is situated at an elevation of 4300 meters. Situated on the Plateau of the Spiti valley, Chandratal Baralacha Trek is an unforgiven experience that is wonderful nightfall over the lake’s turquoise water, immaculate view, mountain passes, a couple of foaming streams, greenery and green glades, brilliant olive forests, and extraordinary natural life.