Is an Informative Essay Usually 5 Paragraphs Long?

Why is There This Problem? Because Today I Saw This Problem, Namely:

How Long Does it Take You to Write an Essay?

I do not know how long it  will take you to write an article(write my research paper). Aidoudouer initially took 1 to 2 hours to write an article, but now it takes about 30 minutes. Basically, it starts at 23:00 in the evening and publishes at around 23:55. 

It can also be said that it is a step-by-step release. It is neither recommended nor recommended. There is a small partner in the daily update group who tweets on time around 8 o’clock every day. I want to learn from him and plan a week in advance for the Essay Writing Price. 

So why is there such a big difference? The main reasons are as follows: 

  • 1. The part that takes time to write an article 
  • 2.Topic selection 
  • 3. Revision 
  • 4. Typography 
  • 5.Summary 
  • 6. Personal perception 

The daily update is 240 days, and Aidoudouer briefly summarized it based on her previous writing experience. 

The Time-consuming Part of Writing an Article

1. No topic to write

Like many people, When I first started to write, I didn’t know what to write. I sat at the computer for 30+ minutes and couldn’t start writing for a long time, and my brain had no content to output.

2. Too Many Topics


When you read other people’s articles, it’s basically one topic, but in my early articles, there are many topics in one article, which are too messy and complicated, which will also lead to longer articles, which will affect the writing time. 

3. About The Revision 

Generally, a well-written article needs to take time to read through it, check the title, the beginning and the end of the body. 

Because I have personally experienced & the title is wrongly written or has multiple words, but unfortunately the title cannot be modified, so the title must be carefully checked before each release. 

Secondly, the content of the text is the core of the article. 

It is necessary to check the context logic, whether the sentences are fluent, whether there are typos, whether there are illegal words, whether the source of the quoted content is correct, and appropriate deletion or replacement of words and so on. 

These are all very important parts. The title is related to the open rate of the article, the beginning and the end attract the reader retention rate, and the body is the part that resonates with the readers. 

A good article needs to be polished several times, such as the first draft, the second draft, the third draft, and the final draft. 

It takes time to read and adjust content over and over again.

4. About Typesetting 

In addition to the time-consuming topic selection, typesetting is also time-consuming. Specifically, the following parts need to be adjusted, such as:

Text Version 

If the article is in plain text, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Font size 

If the body font size is 15, then the subheading is 16. If the text font is 16, then the subtitle is 17. It is recommended that the general font size be at 15-16. 

Font spacing 

Generally, the font spacing is set to a maximum of 2, so that the dense articles look less strenuous. 

Line spacing 

Set the line spacing to 1.75. 


Generally, when writing a Word document, the first line will be two blanks, which looks good in segmented layout, but Internet articles, if the first line is blank, will look very strange. 

In addition, after the Internet article is written, the two sides will be tiled, making it appear that the entire screen is filled with text. 

So in summary, it is recommended to: 

Paragraphs should be indented 8-16 at both ends, with no spaces on the first line. 2. Graphic version 


If there are pictures in your article, it is recommended to wrap the lines between the text and the pictures, so that readers will have a better reading experience. 

Ai Doudouer’s article on getting up early did not pay attention to this small detail, but the reader sent a private message to inform him.

5. Color


Just like people wear clothes, if there are too many colors, there will be no primary and secondary, and the user experience will not be good. 

Ai Doudou’s early articles also tried “colorful”, so that readers feedback that they were too tired to read, and the color was immediately adjusted in the tweet the next day. 

Therefore, the color of the article should not be too much, and three colors are recommended.

6. Summary 

The above are the three key points of Aidoudouer’s early writing of articles, and they are also time-consuming parts. In the future, they will continue to input and output high-quality articles, and continue to optimize and adjust the article format.

Personal Perception 

If you have read Aidoudou’s early articles, you will find that the layout is really ugly and the content is not “specific ” enough, indicating that there is still room for improvement. 

Because I often write articles on my mobile phone, I can’t quote the video number and the official account card, I can only make a QR code simply. 

In order to improve the efficiency, the article template has also been adjusted, and the template is directly applied every time it is written, which saves a lot of time. 

So, it takes about 30 minutes to write an article now, and an extra few minutes to adjust the format. 

Simply put, it is: 

Write the article first, then read it through, adjust the content in time, and finally copy it into the template, bold and color the subtitle, and you’re done. 

Of course, if you want to write high-quality popular articles, you still have to spend more time polishing the articles. 

Everyone is different, and you don’t need to deliberately learn from others, as long as your writing style suits you.