The Truth about 6 Pack Abs | How to Train Your Abs

Here’s the truth about 6 pack abs that you need to know if you want to develop a great looking set of abs.

There are no hidden secrets to getting 6 pack abs, and getting a 6 pack is not complicated. 6 pack abs are the result of two things: well trained abs and low body fat.

The first step to getting 6 pack abs is to make sure that you train your abs the correct way, and the correct way to train your abs is to train them like any other muscle group. The muscle tissue in your abs is no different than the muscle tissue in your other body parts.

Unfortunately, due to all of the misinformation and hype surrounding ab training, the abdominal muscles are the muscle group that’s probably the most incorrectly trained on a regular basis.

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Here are four guidelines for how to train your abs properly: 


Many people mistakenly think they need to train their abs every day, even though they would never consider training any other muscle group every day. Your abs need time to recover from a training session just like any other muscle group, so don’t train them every day. Train your abs two or three times per week on nonconsecutive days.

Sets and Reps

Perform three to five sets each training session, 10 to 20 reps each set. Don’t waste time performing countless sets and reps trying to burn off fat from your abdominal region. It’s not possible to burn off fat from a specific area of your body by selectively exercising that area.

Form and Technique

A lot of people perform their reps at such a fast pace that it almost looks like they’re doing some type of cardio workout instead of training their abs. The faster you perform your reps the more momentum and the less muscle power you use. You want your abdominal muscles, not momentum, to do the work. So concentrate on fully contracting your abs each rep using a controlled manner.

Specific Exercises

There are a lot of good ab exercises to choose from, so try a variety of different exercises to determine which ones your abs respond best to. In addition to doing bodyweight exercises, try using added weight on some of your ab exercises. This will increase the intensity of your ab workouts, especially once your abs become strong enough where many bodyweight exercises aren’t that challenging anymore.

The second step to getting 6 pack abs is to get your body fat low enough so that your 6 pack is visible. Plenty of people train their abs properly but never get lean enough to see a 6 pack. Proper nutrition and aerobic exercise are necessary to get your body fat low enough so that your 6 pack is visible.

In conclusion, now that you know the truth about 6 pack abs, you’re one step closer to developing a great looking set of abs.

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