What Piercings Can You Get At 16 without Parental Consent?

Piercings are penetrates made in various pieces of the body utilizing a needle. The nose, belly button, and ears are the body parts that are pierced the most frequently. Tongue, cheek, and lip piercings are well known oral penetrating assortments. But what piercings can you get when you’re 16 without permission? Well, always choose piercings that are safer, like ear and nose piercings.

What Piercings Can You Get at 13?

According to regulations, you should be no less than 13 years old to pierce the greater part of your body. You will need the written or in-person consent of your parents for piercings of the genital, naval, cartilage, helix, and nipple. A nose from your parent should also be included in the consent form to explain the type and location of the piercing.

State laws don’t allow minors, especially those under 16, to get tattoos without their parents’ permission. There are no exceptions to this rule; they must provide government-issued photo identification. So, what piercings are available for people under 15? It includes ear, nose, and naval piercings, as required by piercing laws.

13 is typically considered a sensitive age. As a result, you must only choose piercings that are safe for your skin and health. You shouldn’t get intricate piercings like tongues, eyes, and eyebrows.

What Piercings Can You Get at 12?

Piercings in the earlobe and nostrils are ideal for 12-year-olds, including those who wonder what piercings can be had before the age of 14. Motivations to go for these piercings at 16 and beneath are:

1. They are simple to operate for novices.

2. They do not cause any infections, and even if they do, they are simple to treat.

3. ideal for adorning a variety of jewelry.

4. The skin is soft, especially in the lobe area.

What Do You Need to Get a Piercing at 16?

There is additional paperwork to complete for anyone under the age of 16 who wants a piercing. The following documents must be presented by them:

The minor getting pierced must present valid photo identification. This could be your passport or state ID.

1. A valid photo ID from a parent who is present at the piercing.

2. A notarized birth certificate or other form of proof of parenthood

3. If the names on the documents do not match, legal documents of any name change.

4. Certified copies or originals of all birth certificates are required, and all IDS must be physically present.

5. Only one piercing per person under the age of 16 is allowed at a time.

Medical Advice and Awareness for Getting Pierced at 16

Remember the below points when getting pierced at 16:

1. Your mental health matters, so remain prepared mentally.

2. Your skin health is also important.

3. Have someone to encourage you during the ear piercing.

4. Have a good meal before the piercing to ensure steady blood sugar.

5. Always choose the professionals.


If you are under the age of 16, you cannot get body piercings other than your nose and ears without permission from your parents. However, laws can differ from country to country. In some countries, specific documentation is required to pierce body parts other than the ears and nose; however, some states permit minors under the age of 16 to get body piercings without parental consent.