5 Ways To Prioritize Your Health When Travelling

We’re here with some simple tips to help you priorities your health when you’re travelling! With advice on things you can do before and during your travels, your time away will be so much more enjoyable when you’re feeling happy and healthy.

Before You Travel

Travel Insurance

If you are on holiday abroad and you find yourself or a member of your group in a medical emergency the medical bills can stack up very quickly. Ensuring that you have travel insurance before you set off for your holiday abroad can prevent you from having to pay significant medical costs for treatment. Even if you are spending your holiday doing activities that are risk-free you still may have an unexpected health complication and it is better to be safe than sorry.

First Aid Kits

When you are travelling a significant distance away from your house it can be a good idea to bring a small medical first aid kit, consisting of basic first aid essentials like plasters, bandages and antiseptic creams or spray. First aid kits can be invaluable in an emergency situation as they can be used to patch up minor wounds and minimize the pain of larger wounds until emergency services arrive. Medical kits can also make the difference between life and death as they can help prevent infections or medical complications.

Visit Your Dentist

One important aspect of our health that we often overlook when we are travelling is our teeth. Even something so common as a toothache can cause significant discomfort when you are travelling. So, book in to see your dentist before your trip, as even if you’re not currently experiencing any pain, often issues arise first and then the pain comes after. So, your dentist can pick up on these things to make sure your smile is healthy before you leave. Also, if you have any cosmetic work that is due to be redone soon, such as composite bonding or veneers, make sure to book an appointment at your cosmetic dental clinic to ensure everything is nice and strong before your trip.

Travel In Comfort

Even if you have opted to travel through budget options there are still things you can do to maximize your comfort; including a range of seat cushions which are specifically designed to support areas of your body that run the risk of being uncomfortable during long stretches of travel, such as your neck, back, hips. Additionally, you may also want to consider bringing a light blanket, headphones or even a blackout eye mask.

Whilst Travelling

Healthy Snacks

Many snacks that are commonly sold in stores are often ultra-processed and full of unhealthy amounts of salt, sugar and fats. Additionally, these snacks are often low in nutrients, which means that unhealthy snacks satisfy your hunger for less time than a healthy snack. This can cause people to end up eating an increased amount of unhealthy food to satisfy their hunger hunger, meaning people run the risk of eating more sugar, salt and fat than is recommended to them on a daily basis to help maintain a healthy weight.

Healthy snacks on the other hand are often more natural and are therefore less processed on average, these snacks are often packed with nutrients such as protein, fibre and healthy fats. These nutrients help keep you alert and fight off feelings of tiredness, examples of healthy foods include:

1 – Fruit: Probably the most obvious choice for a healthy, nutritious snack. As fruit is full of vitamins that can help your immune system keep you healthy, this can be especially beneficial whilst on holiday. When you are on holiday you are more likely to be in closer proximity to other people than you may be used to, particularly when you are travelling to the holiday destination by plane, car, rail or boat.

2 – Mixed Nuts: Nuts are a very filling food as they have a good balance of fats, protein and fibre.

3 – Greek Yoghurt: Greek yoghurt is high in protein, protein is a very filling nutrient and can help you maintain healthy teeth and bones.

4 – Sandwiches: Making a sandwich in the hotel or hostel before you set off for the day can fulfil your hunger and can be a cheaper alternative to buying food on the go. If you are travelling alone or in a small group you may want to consider buying sandwich ingredients in small batches, only buying what you need for that day to prevent having to put your food in a communal fridge where your food could be stolen.

Protect Your Skin

You may have gone on holiday in the first place to lounge in front of the sun, but you must remember to use sunscreen to reduce the risk of your skin getting burnt. Sunburn is not only incredibly uncomfortable in the immediate aftermath, but can also cause unwanted health conditions long term. Using sunscreen and managing how long you are sitting in front of the sun can help you protect your skin to keep it looking its best. Drinking plenty of water can also help keep your skin looking elastic and vibrant.


Going on holiday can be an exciting experience, meaning that we may not think to plan for things such as snacks, visiting your cosmetic dental clinic, buying sun cream and sorting travel insurance; but it is worth doing your research and learning from the experiences of other tourists so that you can make the most of your holiday and minimize the risk of negative experiences.