Expert Tips to Maintain Healthy Weight

In the age of a sedentary lifestyle, managing a healthy weight is challenging. It may seem complicated but not impossible. You have to put in small effort every day to reach your goal. Don’t try to put much pressure on a single day, and it may leave you exhausted. Instead of a rapid workout, follow slow and steady steps to burn pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

To maintain a healthy weight, you have to change your overall lifestyle; A healthy lifestyle means a combination of a healthy diet, workout, and sound sleep. Everything should be on time. When we maintain our body’s biological clock, we get better results. Timing is also an essential factor of overall health and well-being.

With increasing age, our metabolism slows down. If we continue to eat and do not perform enough physical activity, it will increase weight gradually.

With age, our metabolism and body composition change. It gets different from a younger age. The basic formula is the calorie you consume equals the exercise you have to do. If you follow a sluggish lifestyle or sedentary routine, you will gradually gain weight. One more truth is that with aging, your body needs less food for energy, but you need nutrients. With physical exercise, our body develops the capacity to absorb required nutrients.

How can we follow a healthy weight?

Our body weight depends on multiple factors such as genetic, lifestyle, age, culture, food, sleeping pattern, our profession, gender age. Some of these factors become an obligation to lose weight.

You can maintain a healthy weight by choosing healthy food and physical activities. You have to eat nutritious food and be active for at least one hour a day irrespective of age. These two are the primary factors of achieving a healthy weight.
There is some thumb rules to follow:
• If you want to follow a healthy weight, you need to burn an equal amount of calories as you consume through food
• To lose weight, burn more calories than you consume through food
• To gain weight, burn fewer calories than you consume through diet

Expert tips for maintaining healthy weight

• Portion control is important in your plate
• Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks at day time to gain weight
• Try to be physically active (250 minutes per week)
• Avoid refined sugar, flour as much as possible

What should you eat to maintain a healthy weight?

Choose your food item wisely. Your food should be enriched with nutrition but with fewer calories. If you are on a weight loss journey, then try to take small meals at regular intervals instead of a single heavy meal. A single heavy meal takes enough time to digest completely but increases weight quickly; again empty stomach and long meal gap also promote weight gain.

Healthy snacks

Most of the people consume less at their mealtime and think that they will lose weight through this. But it is just a myth, and they end up their day by consuming unhealthy snacks. This process instantly increases your calories. So you should take a decent amount of food at your mealtime. Cut deep-fried foods like samosa, bhajis, chips, namkeens from your diet and fill your meal with salad, dry fruits, coconut water, banana, and fruits. Fruit salad is also a good option to supplement your meal.

Strictly avoid sugar and sugary item

Refine sugar is the source of empty calories. Excess consumption of refined sugar and sugary beverages develops the severe risk of diabetes, cavity, and heart disease and encourages miserable weight gain. So cut refined sugar from your diet and switch to natural forms of sugar like honey, dates, jaggery powders, fruits, figs.

To get a healthy weight loss result, you have to keep patient. Lose your weight effectively with regular efforts. When you are on a weight loss journey, reduce the consumption of ice cream, cheese, cake, and full-fat milk. Replace full-fat dairy with skimmed milk. Avoid refined flour, as it is also a source of empty calories.

How much is physical activity required to maintain a healthy weight?

At the initial level minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to high-intensity physical activity per week is more than sufficient to lose weight. You don’t need to do everything in a single day. Instead of that break down your activity throughout the week. If you cannot do aerobics than just walk regularly. Walking is good for your entire health and mind. It will increase the blood circulation of our body, relieve us from stress and anxiety.

The effect of regular walk encourages us to maintain a habit of physical activities. At the initial level, you have to remember doing something is always better than doing nothing for yourself.

Follow this basic step to lose your weight gradually, but if these steps are ineffective for you, then take the medical assistance from slimming treatment in Dubai. Bariatric surgeons check-up your body thoroughly and diagnose the root cause of your obesity to provide better slimming treatment