Vegan or Leather Bags? 7 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing

It can be difficult to decide between an animal-leather or vegan-leather bag. This post does not intend to influence anyone’s political views in any way. It is meant to guide you in choosing the best bag for you and your needs. So now let’s take a look at these seven tips you should know before considering a vegan bag or a leather bag.

7 Things to Know Before Purchasing Vegan or Leather Bags

Genuine Leather Bags

Many different animal skins can be used to create real leather, such as crocodile, calf, lamb etc.


Animal leather is robust and soft, and it is frequently used in furniture, shoes, belts, purses, and clothing because it may last for a very long time without deteriorating.

Other than those produced in a lab, there are few possibilities for man-made leather that can equal the durability of animal leather (unlikely available to bag manufacturers).


Animal leather matures gracefully and is quite durable. Over time, all natural leather products will develop a ‘patina’, or aging effect. The natural wear and tear and marks that develop over time, similar to the wrinkles on our own faces, can give your bag personality and a life story.


Although quality PU leather has advanced significantly in recent years, it will never feel or smell as good as genuine cowhide leather. No vegan leather can compare to the butter-soft feel of Italian leather.


You’re probably already picturing the wonderful aroma that premium leather exudes. The scent of real leather lasts longer than other odors you’d rather not have, which is another reason why so many shoes are made of it in addition to its endurance.

Vegan Leather Bags

In order to mimic the look of animal leather, vegan leather, often referred to as polyurethane, leatherette, faux leather, and pleather, comes in a variety of shapes and styles. In the end, it is utterly artificial.


Vegan leather is virtually never more expensive than genuine leather. Not necessarily because of the material’s quality, but rather because of how much quicker and in greater quantities it can be produced. For example, ROMYTISA’s vegan leather bag is much more cheaper than their genuine leather bag, at almost 20-30 USD.


The ability to have practically any color is a benefit of making “leather” by chemically gluing plastic to a fabric backing. A vegan leather purse might not be as stunning as one made of animal leather.


While vegan leather is easy to clean using harsher chemicals that would normally kill its animal counterpart, real leather is water resistant up to a point.

Vegan leather is a delight to maintain because it is waterproof and wipeable. Even so, you should keep it out of the sun as PU cannot absorb conditioning treatments and is more likely to dry up and crack if exposed to the sun for a lengthy amount of time.


In general, there is still a big gap between leather bags and vegan bags in terms of price, quality and durability. Learning to choose good quality bags is the best way. I hope this article can give you good help when choosing a leather bag or a vegan leather bag.