Top 6 Dental Clinic Chains in Mumbai

A dental chain make you able to find a dental clinic near you that you trust, know well or have heard ever. You often get a review by many people regarding multiple dental clinics that their treatment is not working properly and they are facing the same issue again and again. So, In such cases, you also get information about a few clinics that work tremendously and deliver painless and complete treatment for a long time. So, in this article, you will find complete information about Dental Clinic Chains in Mumbai.

Dental Clinic Chains in Mumbai

1: Orthosquare Dental Clinic

Orthosquare is the largest dental chains in Mumbai and has received many awards(National Health Professional Awards) for their perfect and reliable dental treatment. In Mumbai they have 40+ branches and have 13+ years of experience with 300+ well trained dental expert. They are specialize in every type of dental treatment also provide no-cost EMI facility for the betterment of the patient.

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2: Healthspring

Healthspring is the amongst top dental clinic chains in Mumbai, founded in 2010. Along with complete solution of dental issues, you will find special offers for various type of dental treatment. Healthspring has achieved many milestone and yet they have responded to 5000+ emergency cases and deliver good results.

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3: Max Multi Specialty Centre

Max advanced dental clinic is the best rated dental chains in Mumbai, it was started in 2012 and now it has 7+ branches across the city. This dental clinic know to provide premium dental treatment at the affordable prices. From cosmetic dentistry to general dentistry, they provide advanced level of dental treatment.

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4: Signature Smile

Signature smile is known to provide advance and high quality dental treatment in Mumbai. They have a team of highly qualified staff from the USA, Germany, Italy and UK with 20+ years of experience which take care of the patients and provide painless dental treatment. You will find an in-house dental lab for various kind of test.

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5: Pradhan Dental Care

Pradhan Dental Care is a modern dental chains in Mumbai. It was established in 1988 by Dr. Suchetan and Shalini Pradhan. Both have 30+ years of experience as dentist and they deal with patients nicely and deliver a pleasant experience for visiting their dental office with high quality dental treatment and services.

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6: Dento Kraft Dental Clinic:

Dr Kunal Mehta is dentist at Dento Karft Dental Clinic Chains in Mumbai. He is specialize in smile design and major dental treatment. They provide top most dental care to their patients using advanced equipment’s and technology. Along with a dental surgeon, He is also a pediatric or kids dentist.

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7: Dentech

Dr Vivek Karve is a dentist at Dentech and a certified fitness consultants too. He has a team of 45+ experts and they use advanced techniques for dental surgery and treatment. In the last 10 years, Dentech has touched the sky with their commitment towards the works and services and clinic has tied-up with India’s most popular brands like Tata Motors, ONGC, Air India and Indian Airlines.

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