The Next Big Thing in Fashion: Digital Textile Printing Explained

Earlier, clothing manufacturers were using traditional textile printing. Technology has developed a lot and we are blessed to have digital textile printing. These days, most clothing manufacturer relies on digital textile printing as it offers multiple benefits as compared to traditional printing methods. In the starting phase, hand printing was highly used. It is one of the popular formats of the tie and dye technique. However, there might be a few disadvantages to this. 

What Is Digital Textile Printing?

Digital textile printing uses digital technology to manufacture new and attractive designs. Look at digital printing which you will find quite similar to traditional manufacturing methods. In digital printing, the fabric goes through a printer at high speed which is washed, streamed, and dried. Getting more into technicality, this technique does not use pre-colored patterns or old fashion formats to print on the fabric and create your digital print fabric. 

Advantages of Digital Textile Printing

Low Sample Cost

Digital printing does not need a test screen for individual patterns. With a greater volume of production, your cost of production gets lower. It saves your sample cost and it can prepare traditional samples within a short period.

Instant Delivery

The traditional methods are time-consuming and lengthy which are outdated in today’s time. Digital printing made it possible to design any fabric like a cotton digital print fabric without the worry of delivery time. In short, digital textile printing helps to produce digital fabric quickly for manufacturers and deliver the goods on time to the market.

Maintaining Stock is no Longer a Concern

There is a rapid change in the fashion industry today. Manufacturers don’t need to bother about a particular pattern and don’t need to repeat the trend. Modern technology is capable of producing new designs every day and keeps producing colorful and playful fabrics for the market. This way, manufacturers don’t need to maintain the stock as they get different orders every time.

Get Refined Printing

With digital technology, you can create any kind of pattern and design. After the invention of the RGB system, you can produce a huge color variety of fabric and you don’t need to depend on traditional manufacturing and its lengthy processes.

Save Big Money and Manpower

As you know that machines have replaced humans, and the efficiency you get from manpower is high it also has resulted in saving lots of water and energy because traditional printing requires lots of water which is saved now through digital printing.

Minimum Wastage

The machine manages the dye and color so smartly that it utilizes the ink maximum and nothing goes out to waste. Digital printing saves a lot of color and ink, thanks to modern technology, and saves your money that was wasted earlier and is also less harmful to your skin and environment.

Less Wastage

The ink is used as droplets very precisely on the fabric and does not get wasted. Also, no disposal of excess dye and chemicals is used in rotary screen printing, and not harming the environment.

Unlimited Printing

Unlike rotary screen printing, where you are always restricted to the diameter of the rotor, digital printing helps you print ‘n’ several prints without any worry about diameter restriction. Digital printing can meet everything from production quantity to product quality and can easily serve the industry without compromising quality. It has started offering high-quality digital printing which we were lacking in hand manufacturing and was also time-consuming.

Digital printing is valued at $1.67 billion in 2017 which is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2023. It shows that our digital printing market is growing at a 5.59% growth rate during the forecast period.

Before you start printing units, you should know a lot about digital printing and that ink used in digital printing depends upon the fabrics like silk print, cotton, and polyester. Digital printing made it possible to design any kind of fabric in the shortest time possible.


So, digital printing is all about printing technology that every manufacturer must know. If you are planning to run a new manufacturing unit or supply chain for the manufacturer in the clothing industry. Take a look at the benefits of digital printing and you will thanks yourself for adopting this technology. It has multiple benefits like faster production, innovative designs, lower costs, and lots more. Start using digital printing and grow in life.