How to Treat Your Back Pain At Home In This Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created a situation that we experience never before. From metro service to school; everything has stopped. After the long period of the lockdown, the unlock session has started step by step. Though in this catastrophe, there are many things that have not stopped. The pain and aches are still bothering us as Coronavirus is not only the thing we should consider.

As most of the people are working from home, they don’t have the facilities of specially designed chairs of offices and they have to work in a compromised posture day after day. The maid facility is not available everywhere. Many people don’t take the maid and cook service to stay safe from the contaminated disease. As a result, back pain has become a household name now.

As people are scared to go to the physiotherapy centers right now just to avoid human contact, they are looking for alternative ways to reduce the pain. The Online physiotherapy consultation is the only savior in this situation to help to control back pain. Apart from that, there are certain suggestions that will help you to treat the condition at home without stepping outside of the home.

Ways to Treat Back Pain at Home

Don’t Use Information from The Internet

The internet is flooded with different types of home remedies and therapy videos to control back pain. It may seem a convenient and easy way to try them out, but it can result into worsen the pain. Most of them are unsolicited and unauthenticated sources that may don’t have any relation to your condition. There are many therapies and exercise videos but it will be dangerous to so them without proper guidance.

Online Physiotherapy Consultation

As desperate time calls for desperate measures, there are many leading physiotherapy centers that come forward to provide online consultation. With the help of this Online physiotherapy consultation, many patients are getting relief in this Pandemic situation without visiting the clinic. You just need to book online or call the helpline numbers of the clinic for the appointment. At the time of the appointment, the therapist will do a video call to learn about the condition. They suggest the best possible way to get rid of the pain at home.

Over The Counter Drugs

If the pain becomes unbearable, then you can take the help of the medication. There are many over the counter pain killers drugs available and you can have them to temporarily suppress the pain. You can also consult the physiotherapist to recommend any medicine. You can also use the pain relief ointments of spray to get relief. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

You have to avoid any such posture that can hurt your back. If you are sitting in one place for long, you must need some cushion to support your back. Do not lift any heavy thing just by bending and instead sit and then only pick up. Do some freehand exercises to keep your body flexible. You must watch your diet as well and avoid junk foods as much as possible.