The Different Types Of Women’s Pants Which You Can Choose From

There is something that characterizes women’s clothing above all and that is the variety of styles, colors and possible combinations. For this, pants are the main garment in any woman’s wardrobe, since they can be alternated with many other garments, such as blouses, tops, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, and shirts, among others.

Right now, being a woman, it is almost impossible to get bored with everything that fashion is offering us, since, for example, did you know how many types of women’s pants exist? 

Surely you will be surprised by the number, there are as many types of women’s pants as there are tastes, that is, there is always a special and unique model for each taste and style of each woman, regardless of preferences.

Before it was easier to choose a pair of pants since now there is an increasing variety of models, ways to wear them when going out and types of women’s pants. There are different types of pants for women that are defined according to their shape, design and cut.

In this article, Albeli, a fashion brand, cleared all the necessary keys for each of the types of pants, so that it is easy to distinguish them. If you want to be an expert, take note now!

What Types Of Women’s Pants Exist?

Straight pants

Straight-leg pants are the most popular and worn by women. They are characterized by retaining their shape from the waist to the ankle. These garments will never be out of date and will always be on the cutting edge and fashionable, although they can be temporarily out of date in the case of skinny or flared pants, which go according to the fashions and trends of the moment.

Straight-leg pants can be jeans, corduroy, or any lightweight fabric, and any color (both light and dark).

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, it can be combined with any garment on top, since straight pants accept any proposal such as blouses, polo shirts, and bodysuits, among others. And in the lower part, any type of shoes can also be placed, such as sneakers, heels, boots and many more.

Skinny or Skinny Pants

Skinny jeans are the latest trend, and almost certainly every woman has this type of pants in her closet. Of course, as before, they can be made of any type of material. Because they are very tight from the waist to the ankles.

These pants are the most used by women in recent years, as they attract quite a lot of attention. They can be combined with any garment on top, such as a sweater, bodysuit, shirt, or tops, among others, and on the bottom, any shoe looks excellent.

Skinny pants are suitable for all occasions, since if they are needed for a party, just by putting on some heels and a good garment on top you would have an elegant outfit. 

On the contrary, if it is needed for a more relaxed and chill space, they can also be used with more casual shoes and thus go perfectly together. These pants are usually elastic to promote fluidity, so we recommend that you dare if you don’t already use them, they give a lot of play.

Flared trousers

Also called elephant leg pants, they are recognizable because they flare from the knees to the ankles. These pants are very fashionable today and are present in all kinds of cuts and prints, from classic denim to more formal versions.

They are without a doubt one of the sensations of the season. And it is that these types of pants for women have come to stay for a long time. One trick is that these pants show you much skinnier since they are attached at the top, the waist, so on top of that, they are practical and generally feel very good.

Cargo Pants

The monkeys are back. Its hallmark is a more or less large pocket or pockets on the side of the thigh. The cargo pants that have returned to fashion, have returned more renewed. 

They are high-waisted, straight cut and especially ankle-length. They make the body look better and much more stylized. They are ideal to wear with bodysuits or tops since they are much more flattering on tight tops since the pants are a little looser.

Tights or Leggings

Although the use of tights is more than evident in sports, the truth is that the functions of tights are not limited only to gyms or running. They are super comfortable women’s pants that are used more and more to wear on a day-to-day basis!

They are usually garments made of cotton or other light fabrics, so they have absolute mobility and are really comfortable when used.

The best option to show off and combine this type of pants is to wear them with a blouse and some sneakers, or if you want a more elegant look for a night out, you can wear them with an elegant blouse and heels (not-so-high).


These pants are one of the favorites for every woman, and they cannot be missing from the closet. They are often associated with the sporty look, but little by little they are being introduced in more formal sectors.

These types of pants for women do not go unnoticed because they have an elastic in the ankle area to better highlight the legs.

Previously this garment was only used for sports or exercise, but today it has evolved like no other. There are already many women who have incorporated it into their wardrobe and use it to go for a walk, have a drink or make some informal plan at home. These pants are ideal for all those women who do not want to wear leggings or shorts.

Currently, joggers are usually combined with tops, crop tops, simple blouses and sports shoes matching the pants and the shirt.

Capri pants

Women’s capri pants, also known as fishermen or fishermen, are those that are halfway between the pirate cut and the traditional cut. This means that they are slightly higher than the ankle. This is another type of pants that is still very fashionable and can be adapted to all tastes.

These pants allow you to show off your legs in a different way since they make them look longer. In addition, they are very comfortable, versatile, and have the ability to adapt to any type of situation: during the day with sneakers or at night with heels, the results are always very good.

And it is that with this type of women’s pants you can make different outfits for each occasion, which is why it offers great versatility.

High-Waisted Pant

Another phenomenon of this season is high-waisted pants. The style of the perfect silhouette is ideal, so do not hesitate to add it to your favorites. You can find, from jeans to other fabrics, there are many styles to choose from.

These pants are perfect to wear with a blouse, top, and attached bodysuits, in order to further stylize the silhouette, and best of all, you can combine them with both heels and sneakers, so they can be worn both day and night.


Shorts or also called shorts are another type of women’s pants designed for the warmer months (summer).

These types of women’s pants are frequently worn with flip-flops or tennis or sports shoes since they are more summery, but many women also tend to use them with heels to wear them at a night event, since there are different types of colors and models.


Selecting a wide range of pants for different purposes is a good idea. It makes you comfortable and relaxed to do jogging, working, traveling, etc. So, choose the right pants that suit your daily lifestyle.