Things To Do in Milwaukee

Are you planning for a trip to one of the most happening cities in the United States, or Milwaukee, to be precise? With a population of as high as 5, 77,222, Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. Famous for being the county seat of Milwaukee County, Milwaukee is the most popular metropolitan city in the United States. As forward as it is technologically, Milwaukee is equally diverse regarding culture and ethnicity. It is considered a hub of the German-American culture, especially with the city’s history with its breweries.

Coming to the major attractions of Milwaukee, there are plenty of fun things to do there. Starting from the Wisconsin Centre and the Discovery World to the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Repertory Theatre, one gets to experience the most thrilling and exciting trip of their life. If you want to make this trip memorable, include all the important places and tourist attractions from your budget travel list. Here are listed some of the best places in Milwaukee.

6 Places You Must Visit in Milwaukee

1: Milwaukee Art Museum

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this huge museum, MAU, offers you to see and analyze more than 25000 artworks. The museum’s exterior is extraordinarily designed and will amaze architectural tourists and art lovers. The artworks include several sculptures, paintings, photographs and much more from the present time, dating back to the 17th century.

2: Milwaukee County Zoo

The Milwaukee County Parks Commission is in charge of this zoo. People from all over the world visit the zoo, get inspired and participate in the conservation of the various species globally and work to create an understanding bond between the tourists visiting the zoo and the different animal species. This place most definitely should be on your list!

3: Milwaukee Walking Food Tour

The local guides in Milwaukee will be there to guide you through the city’s local streets to explore the food on the lanes. The various staple food items that make Milwaukee famous, like the beer-battered fish fry and the gourmet cheese, make up the secret food tour of Milwaukee. Besides, you will learn about the drinks and dishes once brought over to Milwaukee by the German immigrants and also get to taste them, like the hometown sausage made out of a classic recipe. Make your ticket reservations immediately to take advantage of this amazing food tour.

4: Lakefront Brewery

The brothers Russ and Jim Klisch opened this brewery in 1987. The brewery’s speciality is that they use mostly US-grown ingredients like Door County Cherries. Lakefront Brewery is a glutton-free brand and has 25 per cent of barley. It will be your pleasure to visit this place and taste one of the finest beers.

5: Bradford Bridge

If you are visiting Milwaukee, the Bradford Bridge is something you cannot afford to miss out on. It is part of the Lake Park, which runs almost a mile. Tourists visit this place to lay on the beach and spend some time with their loved ones with whom they are travelling.

6: Mitchell Park Domes

The Mitchell Park Domes is a huge conservatory which replaced the original conservatory of Milwaukee. It has three big domes which preserves and display several types of plants. Buy your Delta Flights or any other flight and fly to Milwaukee to experience the beauty of this amazing dome plant park, especially if you are a nature lover. The tranquil ambience will freshen up your mind.

Tips to Experience a Comfortable Travelling to Milwaukee

Before booking your destination flight, keep an active check on your budget and which flight prices suit your budget the most. Look for the various offers that can be opted for, and also check out the additional charges for luggage, food, etc.

Compare various travel and airline websites and look for flight booking options with lower costs but equal or relatively similar facilities. Flights offer several facilities, and every airline might offer something unique; it depends on your convenience what you choose.

Look for the available seats on the flight you are looking for. If you book the flight quite beforehand on your day of departure, you will get more options. Hence, comparing the seats from date to date and from website to website is very important.

Keep your date of travel as flexible as possible. You might have chosen a date but are not getting a favourable seat, and if you shift the date to just the next day, you might get your desired seat.