Wetland Park in Noida: Things to Do and More to Know

Everyone feels fantastic and amazing when it is to discover a new area whether it’s a travel destination, a historical place, a beach, or a nearby park. Such type of event creates unforgettable memory thus you would always have been in search of new places. So, in this article, I will provide you with knowledge about wetland park Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is a new park in Delhi NCR and it’s perfect for fun, picnic, wedding photography, running, walking, jogging, yoga, jumping rope, etc.

This is new established wetland park in Noida by the Noida authority and is located in Sector 54, Near Sector 57 police station. And, the area of this park is bigger than any park in Noida. that’s why it is the biggest park in Noida. And the ultimate thing is that it’s surrounded by water which is enhancing the beauty of this park.

Best & Biggest Park of Noida: The Wetland Park

As it’s built in 22 acres then you can think of the beauty of this best park in Noida. Yet there are two ways to enter and in the future, surely another way will open. It’s located on the main road and near a police station. The 3rd half part of this park is surrounded by water and many bridges are available on it for pedestrians. That is something you would like a lot. Besides the wetland park in Noida, For cricket lover, there is another nearby park where people from different places comes to play cricket. Also, if you are visiting in the evening then you can also go to the nearby weekly market in Noida.

Things to Do in Wetland Park Noida

You can think by its area that 22 acres is a much bigger area. And, if you are visiting to this park, what will you do there? So, below is a list of activities that you can do while visiting wetland park in Noida .

1: Pre-wedding Photography

If you are planning for a pre-wedding photoshoot then that would be a great idea. You can get uncountable photos at different locations and angles. And, it will be an unforgettable memory for you.

2: The Sunset

Many of you have choices to see the sunset where a river or lake is. You would love the sunset view from different points of the park, if you are walking on a pedestrian bridge then it would be mind-blowing.

3: Create Instagram Reels or Shorts

For Instagram influencers and YouTube shorts creators, this is the best place. You can record the video in a different part of the park that will seem like a scene from a movie. So, if you are visiting the best park, wetland park Noida, do not forget to create reels or shorts.

4: Fun Activities

For kids, there are so many things to do like frozen tag, chain tag, tug of war, outdoor bowling, badminton, etc.

5: Jogging and Walking

For any group of people, health, fitness, and yoga is important and it’s matter. Although, jogging, walking, or exercising in a fresh climate gives a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

6: Picnic Spot

Yes, Definitely it is a picnic destination, you can enjoy a fabulous time with your loved ones. You will fill nice by getting in touch with fresh air and nature with some delicious foods.

7: Family Time

To spend quality time with your friends and family, would be a nice spot. You won’t feel bored for a second. You can visit at any anytime in the morning or evening.

8: 24*7 Security

The park is located near 57 Police station, so there is a top-level security service available for the public, so you will feel safe and secure.


Finding a nearby place to visit at any time to feel refreshed and energized is the best medicine. The wetland park in Noida has many things to discover, yet it’s not fully completed, the work is in process. But, you would love the nature, water, lighting, playground for kids, etc.