9 Best Reasons BJJ Is Known As A Stress Buster

If you are into BJJ or you are just about to start your BJJ journey, you will come across so many people who will claim that BJJ is a stress buster. The term stress buster in itself is linked with the idea of relaxing and letting go of all the unnecessary stress that otherwise might make your life difficult. In a fast paced life where everyone is constantly living in between the needles of the clock, stress is something that cannot be avoided. People from all walks of life and all ages report that they feel stressed. Most of the stress-based conditions are normal and they come from the environment so there is no way to handle it, however, sometimes the stress is internal because you feel frustrated and emotions but when you don’t have an outlet, these emotions are bottled up. Eventually, you will feel frustrated and irritated all the time. Most people end up lashing out at small things and if not controlled, you will see the impact on your relationship, daily productivity, and the way you socialize with people around you.

How Emotions And Physical Energy Are Connected?

Most experts will tell you that exercise is very good for anger management and letting out stress. However, the most common question that comes to mind is that emotions are totally mental and your exercise is physical so how are they connected? Experts believe that our body holds everything under one entity so everything that you feel will be translated into physical work as well. This is the reason most people break things or have fights when they feel angry or frustrated. Although this is the worst-case scenario there are so many other things that you will get to feel once you realize that your emotional energy is the same as your physical energy. According to psychology, everyone has positive and negative energy. When you bottle up negative energy for a very long time, this comes out in destructive ways. However, if you want to switch to a positive way you need to channel it through positive physical activities like workouts and sports.

Why Destructive Therapy Connected With Anger Management And BJJ?

In psychology, there are different therapies for emotional stability. One of the most loved and most effective psychological therapy that will also help you is destructive therapy. Within this therapy, you can let out your anger on things. Usually, this is carried out in a controlled environment where you are offered things that you can destroy and break. This helps you feel relaxed and since you will be lifting and throwing things around, you will be able to let out all your entire energy as well. This is almost the same case with BJJ and martial arts fighting styles: you are basically channeling your negative emotional energy and letting it out on the person right next to you. This is a very draining process because you are technically letting out your anger and energy as well. After a good BJJ session, you will feel much more relaxed and there is a high chance that you might even feel a boost of energy. Just like any other sports, the high you feel right after a good workout is not because you feel relaxed but just because you have the right balance of energy in your body after letting out the negative energy.

Reasons BJJ Is Known As a Stress Buster

Although there are so many different reasons why BJJ is a very good stress buster for people who really want to use their energy to relieve stress, here are some of the reasons that will convince you to start with BJJ.

Offer Instant Relief

BJJ involves physical energy so you will feel instant relief after beating someone up. This is also very good for people who lash out easily because it offers them the opportunity to let out their frustration.

Improves Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation will help you work on your heart health and also improve the supply of all the important nutrients to your organ keeping you fit and healthy. It further helps with the detox process as well.

Boost Immunity

BJJ is good for boosting immunity because it helps with healing by supporting the detox process. You will also notice that the sweating and the overall cleansing of the skin will also get better.

Good for Healing

BJJ has proven to be good for healing because it helps with replacing all the damaged cells. The regular supply of nutrients and a good amount of oxygen eventually add to the healing process as well.

Improves Focuses

BJJ workout is very good for improving focus. People who feel that they are hyperactive or they find it difficult to focus can also use BJJ. According to creative people, BJJ helps them come up with creative ideas so people going through the creative block usually use BJJ as a quick solution.

Good for Decision Making

BJJ is based on strategy-based planning which means you will be using most of your time in planning things before you finally execute. This is the reason you will be able to make better decisions as well.

Very Fun Workout

BJJ is a very fun activity where you get to meet new people and since socialization has proved to be very helpful for people who feel stressed you will also feel much better after your BJJ session.

Gets You in Shape

Getting in shape is a very progressive process and if you start with the gym, you will be stuck in a boring workout that will require a lot of effort. On the contrary, you will see that within the first three months of training you will be able to get into shape and lose a lot of unhealthy weight as well.

Good for Health

You will notice that after starting your BJJ journey you will become much healthier. According to experts, BJJ is a very good replacement for boring cardio-based workouts. Since the exertion level of energy is the same and it offers the same benefits most people have also reported that this has helped them improve their cardiac health as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you want to let out your anger and the channel you choose for letting out your stress. Since BJJ offers instant relief most people get to it. In fact, you will see that most of the business icons report that the more physical activity you get into, the more relaxing it gets. Martial arts like boxing, BJJ, MMA, and other fighting-based workouts are very good for people who feel frustrated. In fact, there is evidence to prove that BJJ is just like destructive therapy offering you a good and positive way to become much more active and vent the emotional stress that you have developed due to situational and personal issues.